Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kingdom through the Swamp - Beta Readers needed!

I've finally weaved through the darkness of the world-o-verse and have completed a "mostly" final draft for my latest novel, The Kingdom through the Swamp, and I'm looking for beta readers to give it a read and leave a review for its official release. 
You may remember Meeo and Order from The Bug Pamphlet, that's just a short story that builds into this. In this, Meeo, Order, and Overlord Chaos are all main characters in their very own 75,000+ word novel! There will be twists, deception, puns, magic, cute things, and totally rad fights; and you can be among the very first to read it! Interested? here's what you gotta do:
1: Email me at or comment below with your email address.
2: I'll send you the book in .Mobi, .docx, .doc, or .pdf format for your reading pleasure.
3: Once you're done,  leave an honest review on the secret secret whisper whisper page that I'll provide you. I need all the reviews I can get, the more, and the higher, the better.
4: You've done it, you've saved the world!
So, interested? I certainly hope so! Get back to me ASAP and behold the adventure before anyone else!
Thanks and love,