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Solution - Sci-FiNocturna League- Alternative FantasyThe Kingdom through the Swamp - FantasyThe Bug Pamphlet - Fantasy HumorPaper - FantasyKetairne - High Resolution
Sacrifice - High Resolution
My Links for those of you out of the U.S.:
Sacrifice on Smashwords: Luua of Toor is expecting a spectacular marriage with her one and only now that she's of age, until the Elder busts the news that she's actually the village's sacrifice. She's put on a boat with her two wayfarers, comprising of the village outcast and none other than her now ex-boyfriend, and the three sail off to the island of The Great Face, bearing the place of her sacrifice and the deity that demands it.
Paper on Smashwords: (Fantasy short story about... well I can't ruin it for you!- At the time of this update it is my most popular work, with 4-5 stars across various websites and reviewers seem to quite like it: "The book is a quick read, free, and very fun! I would suggest this book to my friends because it's not quite like any fairytale I've read before. Good for kids." - Anna Kate on
Solution on Smashwords: Asegai, a star-faring mercenary of the more relaxed sort, discovers a massive, half-destroyed ship in the middle of deep space. Just before he goes in to scrounge for valuables, a mysterious comm-tag appears- from inside the ship: a request for an assisted suicide. In only minutes, Asegai is thrust into an explosive warzone, the two combatants battling over more than just a single life.
The Bug Pamphlet on Smashwords: A comedic- fantasy short story about two ladies and a really angry book-eating beetle. "Genius Magician Meeo Letlind is certain she can summon something good enough to prove herself to the greatest of wizards in the Western Kingdoms- she's only mostly right. A comedic fantasy about evil talking insects, half-eaten books, and "BRAHGARAARAAA!"."
Ketairne on Smashwords: A team of mercenaries set out on a hunt they'll never forget... probably because they'll be dying during it... Well, perhaps you do forget things if you die, a deeper philosophical question than I'd like to delve into in this snippet.
Nocturna League #1: The first episode of the seafaring adventure- featuring an ambitious gunslinger, a shark man... thing, a boy right out of the twilight zone, and The Captain himself in all his salty glory. I think you'll have a good time. Can Colette shoot her best friend in the face- is she metal enough? Download here and find out!
Nocturna League #2: The second episode- Meet up with Boris, everyone's favorite giant lobster chef monstrosity, and tear your way through the considerable web of lies presented before you. Can Colette get her best friend back, or will she die trying?