Thursday, December 18, 2014

Some thoughts on writing - the actual act of doing so

Gee, Reader, writing isn't easy, but I have to do it. I'm quite unable to do elsewise, like some itch- the longer I don't scratch it, the worse it gets.

Truthfully, I've been working on quite a few projects at once- the Xtreme Force sequel, that humor book of about 26 pages covering the alphabet in a very unreliable way, a quick short story I haven't mentioned anything about and may do nothing with, and THAT SECRETY SECRET PROJECT THAT I'M FAIRLY FAR ALONG WITH BUT MAY NEVER PUBLISH BECAUSE IT'S SO DIFFICULT TO DEAL WITH. Indeed, there is much to do, but I have been writing less than ever. Often I would be proud of myself to make even 500 words in a day, but today, has been different. I've kept to myself using some of the secret training I've received from the ancient masters, and have made considerable progress, like, 2000 words level progress!

But yes, should you be having trouble with keeping your own writing under your belt, let me suggest the following:

-Begin at your best time of day: often night people write fasties at night time, so keep it in mind with your productivity.

-Plan out what you will write: nothing major, just a paragraph or two for each chapter, it's good to have your thoughts downrange, so you know exactly what you'll be talking about. General ideas of your story are nice, but making those decisions in the new foresight of where you are in the story is a good vantage point to plan your next move.

-Minimize distractions: find your internet box - unplug your internet box. Look at you. Also unplug your spouse, your children, your pets, your job, your schoolwork, any craving your body might have, basically all responsibilities at all. Actually, just pay your rent a year in advance and live on the toilet with your laptop- that way you'll be productive for sure! Not enough time?! Become a vampire! Being a member of the undead menace is sure to give you more time to devote to your craft! Watch out for paladins though, they'll purge you like no tomorrow, oh, and demon hunters, they'll also ruin your day. So yeah, just chill in your room and write all day, that's the general rule.

I hope these tips helped. Together we'll be writing champions!