Friday, November 14, 2014

Xtreme Force, book blurb and progress

Hello, dear Reader!

I've been working away on my very first free novel, the first book of Xtreme Manly Masculine Man Force of Intense Badassery (Or Xtreme Force for short). It's an 80'000+ word smashdown epic revolving around disgruntled mercenaries of subspace (the spatial realms between dimensions) in their quest to find the fountain of testorsterone, overflowing with ultimate manly power! Pretty cool, right?

Anyway, I thought I'd tease you with the blurb for it as I put the finishing touches on the manuscript/get the book cover prepared.



Rick Durenor, a badass mercenary that goes by the name Ultra Death Graveman Death Death Death is a rude dude that doesn't play around, but when his newly-crossed ex-partner Heart Tearer Outer swears revenge, Rick sets off to find the legendary treasure of The Fountain of Testosterone. On the road Rick meets fellow manly men, some friendly and manly, and others dumb sissies. Together with his newly-found manly brothers, Rick travels to find the legendary treasure, and gain ultimate manly power.

Come and behold, a fantasy sci-fi satire for any soul that likes fighting, death, cussing, and other obviously manly things.