Sunday, November 16, 2014

Describing the Omniverse 2: Dragon-kin part 2

And we'reeee back!

Next up is the extermination wars, and a very brief mention of a couple of important Dragon-kin characters you, dear Reader, will read of in the upcoming books.

Thousands of years ago during the rise of the kingdom of Reinen, the mightiest human kingdom in dimension #13's history, Humanity was threatened by the greatest kingdom of dragons (considered the only "real" one among most historians), known as Wyngog. It was a pretty huge chase down for awhile, most humans of the unconnected territories completely unknowing of Reinen's existence.

Between Wyngog and Reinen, the battle was drawn out, the strife lasting for thousands of years (and arguably still today with dragon-kin as a whole), and the war itself (popularly referred to as the "Extermination Wars") was eleven years long. As the human side had more resources, numbers, allies, magic, and territories, they eventually won out, executed the majority of the noble line of Royal Dragon-kin, and this is where things get a little dicey.

1/4th of the territories of the dragons were annexed by Reinen, and 3/4ths were devoted to a charismatic Ragnivanian general at the time, who strove to make his own kingdom, a man named Ultriel. General Ultriel was also at the forefront of incriminating the Dragons and Dragon-kin for their crimes against humanity- gaining him the nickname "The Executioner of The Scaled". His treatment of all dragon-folk is considered intensely brutal now, but at the time the mass-guillotinings were a fair punishment for the centuries of hardship their race had put the humans through. On the other side of the continent, Reinen had stopped the executions at the last of the nobles, and instead delegated the remaining Dragon-kin forces into reservation camps far away from human society, where they could live out their lives and maintain the culture under the eye of the Royal Knights of The Old Kingdom who, while being tasked with containing the Dragon-kin and preventing uprisings, are considered the only human organization that has ever been on even terms with Dragon-kin society.

Two notable Dragon-kin in the upcoming novels (both of them of the "Higher" Dragon-kin variety,) would be Hos'Rayull, an honorable, reserved creature that was raised by the knights from birth, and some mysterious badass named "KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL", at least, that's the name he goes by, because no matter the race, people who live in subspace are always missing at least one screw.

Turn in next time, in which we talk about Overlord Chaos!