Saturday, November 14, 2015

Nocturna League #3 – The Sunken Breath: Coming 11/20!

I’ve been hard at work with all manner of extra-dimensional dealings. Science and magic can be quite the draw from one’s time.
Oh! But worry not, I’ve had the proper accouterments of time to manifest another episode of Nocturna League for you!
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The time comes at the stroke of midnight, and Grancis Vereyrty will be given a choice: Risk her life, or risk her best friend’s! This is new move for me as a writer. I’ve attempted things in the horror and thriller genres before, but I think I whipped up something special this time- I really hope you enjoy.
The new episode has lots of the following:
-Plot twists to leave your head spinning
-Lots of creepy stuff
-Elderich parasites
-Boris the Talking Lobster Chef
-The Captain falling overboard into the clutches of danger
-Grancis versus Colette in a deadly struggle and a masterful mystery
You can get your hands on this beauty and majesty in only six days from now. EXPECT IT!