Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Being a dorky independent writer confessions, #1

Hey, dear Reader!

Sorry I haven't been too active in the past few days, had much on my plate for those holy days coming around.

But yes, in the meantime I've been reading some of the book Write, Publish, Repeat by Sean Platt and a few other guys from his writing groupy, firmy, conglomeratey thing that they do, and have been learning much trickery on the art of "funneling" readers to different places along the web to get more of my fiction. Among it, I suppose I should have known but magically failed, that email lists and reviews are of paramount importance to someone like me.  That said, in my CTA's (Call to Action) from now on, I'll see if I can't link everything up to everything else- make things easier for others. The extra work will be worth it!

So yes, other than that I should have some more writing for you all soon- a quick short story, just in time for Christmas! Oh, and by the way, happy holidays! May your seasons be cheery and bright!

Stay warm,