Friday, December 18, 2015

Walking the Scar- Chapter 15 and cover reveal

With much waiting done, I present to you the new chapter in Walking the Scar. I do say, it looks like we're catching up to some of the longer stories on the app; I'm afraid before long we may surpass them. Run on, Rayull. I know you can do it!
Now, please enjoy!
I also have a surprise. I've been planning on publishing Walking the Scar since I started it, and it's really turning out to be a cool project that I'd like to share with more people. For this, I've thought to get a cover done and publish it on for free if possible, though that might not work out considering how peculiar amazon can be about things when it comes to pricing.
Anyway, here's the cover I had made:
The Scar - High Resolution
Lookin' good, hmm? Do you like the cover? Let me know in the comments below or just email me straight at
All the best,