Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Death of Kell – OR – How Kell won NaNoWriMo

Good day to you all!
It's quite worth knowing what I'm up to this month in case I seem a bit secretive. I'll be doing NaNoWriMo!
As many of you know, Kingdom through the Swamp was a product of a previous NaNo, but I hadn't gotten all 50,000 words done in time. The novel also went on a good deal farther, to about 70k - 80k if I recall, so I broke multiple rules.
The rule-breaking will not change this year.
As I edit the third Nocturna League, I'll be doing drafts for two new ones along with a to-be-free short story. I've already crafted story beats for 85% of the work, so I should be busy all month long!
As it stands:
Sacrifice - A short story
NL: The Record of Ambition - The first of the flashback Nocturna League stories, this will follow Colette and Grancis before they had joined the Nocturna's crew, and the events leading up to it.
NL: The Promise of Power - (Still considering this title, so it's not final) We hop back to the present, in which the Nocturna's finally receive its letter of pardon from its home port- but not everyone's gotten the message, and soon the Nocturna will find itself between a mercenary airship and a hard place.
With the short story gunning around 10,000 words, and the two NL's at 20,000 words, that should create a grand total of 50,000 words! If all goes as planned, I'll actually have a release backlog, of all things!
Bi-weekly releases for almost an entire month? Yup! Get ready and cheer me on!
Much love,