Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Heebies Jeebies and Freebies!

Good news, reader,
Between my scribblings and preparations of new projects, I've been in talks with Amazon for a bit, and they've agreed to price match most of my books. Lemme give you the divvy of the currently free things:
Hopefully with Ketairne following close behind, but we'll see.
I also have two kdp select free promotions coming up:
Kingdom through the Swamp - Free on OCT 4 - OCT 8
Nocturna League 2 - Free on OCT 9 - OCT 13
Mark your calendars and get excited!

Project statuses:
Nocturna League 3 - Drafting, 1/4th through
Kingdom Slayer - Editing, 1/9th through (this'll take awhile)
Walking the Scar - Ongoing, expect a new chapter in the next few days
Secret Short Story - Drafting, 1/10th through