Monday, March 23, 2015

Smashing my head against the wall in the old fashioned way, & how I spent the best $15 in the past year

Good day!

Today I will be cryi- eh, ranti- erm, sensibly discussing about writing, publishing, and a lovely heavenly angel called Let's get us started immediately.

I awake in the usual way. bOn fire and hungry for writing revenge.

As per the usual way in the usual day, I play videogames instead- poor soul, this Kell Inkston.


But today I-... well, this wy... eh, day in particular, I decided to hit up a literartteure forum and found a thread made by a self-prolclaimed slusher, you know, one of those dungeoned souls that spend their existance folding through mostly lame fiction to find that one shining gem in the gasand.

He told me stuff and I told him stuff, it wasn't quite an argument, more of a philosophical sdiscussion about the threadshold of tolerance younger readers hanve for progtagonists holder than themselves. I... pardon, in advance let me apologize for any more typess... eh, top... typos... there we are. I'm usin ga new word preocessor so things are a little bit peculiar and such. Please bear with me... One moment... Okay, thank you- fixed!

Now, as I was saying: over the course of our conversation he mentioned a writing forum, ingeniously named Honestly I've always sort of shunned forums on writing, as too often they've stuck me as places of evil and putridity- where authors are too busy promoting their own work or sharking pyramid scheme shameries to do anything truly constructive. But I thought it couldn't really hurt- the most I could lose is my time (and the $15 it required for premium membership, which I took up purely on the impulse to be allowed to post my work) and I was very pleasantly surprised.

I found a community of helpful, insightful, actully kindly writers that share similar visions as I, and also care about one-another enough to support them and any success they might have. Of course, I'm certain it's not perfect- but what is on this Earth of ours? Anyway I found some very valuable resources; it's like a secret treasure trove of writing information, tools, and overall goodness that I've been blind too all this time. I found many very helpful websites (and a submissions website, the very first I've been willing to get a subscription to as well) and I just wanted to share the experience with you; if you run across the oppourtunity to join a community of writers, and consider yourself a person serious about their love of the craft- do it! Go!

Thank you, that is all on that.

In other news I have now gotten an account on (which I have posted the link in the post below), and have been writing consistantly. Please don't worry about myself- you should instead worry more about yourself and you doing what you want to do in life. Tell me, Reader: isn't there something you've wanted to do in life more than anything?... that was legal?... and not overly hurtful to others?

Well consider following that dream. I understand it feels at times that you've gone as far as you can in your dream and can't push any further, but mastering things is one part experience, and one part study. If you lack study, study, if you lack experience, go and experience all you can! Just a little bit of research online has shown me all sorts of new resources that I would have never found if I hadn't stepped out, so I'd admit the past few days have been fairly big. All in all it's been a solid week, and it shall only become more solid as my wedding with my star draws ever-nearer.

Oh yes, and it's also worth stating you might see a few new posts soon about recent accepted publication on various websites (most if not all of them being unpaying ones, but they are only bricks in the wall of the fortress, if you catch my drift.) Dream on, Reader- fight yourself and rise to a new dawn of greatness!

Follow your dreams (unless said dream is world domination, in which case give it up- that's my goal),
Kell Inkston