Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Get hype, "The Bug Pamphlet" is on the way!

Frabous gentrifications, Reader!

The Bug Pamphlet is my newest short story, heading straight to your online door through my usual outlets. I certainly hope you're excited, Reader- because I definitely am.

In this story you will be jumping into the shoes of Royal Knight Order. Sworn nemesis of Overlord Chaos and savior of the realm. She dislikes bugs, and soon you will too... that is, if you don't already. Well, then again perhaps you'd quite like the story and in comparison bugs, but this bug in the short story is relatively unpleasant- not the sort of chap you'd likely share a cup of tea with.

Anyway, expect it to be out this week so keep your eye here to grab it the moment it's out.