Saturday, March 28, 2015 sign ups are happening now - Why indie authors should be excited to get 80% revenue and readers should be on board with this.

Alright, a bit of newness happening:

That serialized literature site I mentioned weeks ago, It just hopped out of beta and is now taking sign ups from readers- I'm excited about this.

What it is (from the site itself):
  • "Channillo is a digital publishing platform for writers interested in releasing an ongoing series of work to loyal readers. Such work may include short stories, essays, columns, book chapters, journals, and poetry. New work may be released anywhere from daily to quarterly depending on the series.
  • Channillo is a place for avid readers to enjoy high quality and original work on an ad-free platform while directly supporting their favorite writers. Five different membership plans are available. A membership status determines the maximum number of different series to which a user may subscribe. Learn more about Channillo membership plans and pricing by checking out the Memberships page.

  • Channillo will distribute 80% of total revenue (after payment processing fees) to the writers. Channillo will be responsible for all of the operating costs of the site including development, hosting, maintenance, customer service, etc."
That said, I bought into this and signed up. They approved both of my series, which will only be about on their site (if the site remains successful, that is). This site has such extremely good revenue (and promotion potential, at that) I just had to write something for it.

It looks to be a win-win for all three parties, as for $2.59 a month readers can enjoy an entire series, which could consist of  hundreds of pages of fiction that would normally cost much more. Authors also get a long stick because of that tasty 80% revenue. I think the only thing keeping people back on it is trying it. Come on, readers, you enjoy it when authors you love get paid to do what they love, right? Give it a shot with me and let's blaze this new trail together!

(Above: the cover for my primary series on, to be released on the thirtieth of March... The cover was going to be Orange originally, but it looked too much like that one Divergent book cover.)

Now to all those who think they'll miss my free stuff, good news. I will not remove my free works from amazon or smashwords, and I will continue to write and publish more for free, for you, forever (fopefully).

So on this I'd like to invite you to trying out the site, full works at $2.59 is a great deal, and if you feel that's too high for fiction, well that's what my free stuff is for. I apologize for having to charge cash stash mash for some of my fiction, but you know as well as I that I cannot live off of love and ink, I must carve some sort of financial niche out, and this is the first step to that.

In the quick: go to and try it out. It's new, it's risky, but it looks like it could turn into something super cool.

Ever so much love,