Thursday, January 8, 2015

Another semester at -REDACTED- college!

Well, Reader, I've been away for a little while, but now that the new semester's begun, I should be able to sneak on more and more often to telecommunicate little packets of goodness for you. I'll be studying all sorts of things, but mostly cool stuff, so don't worry, Reader, I won't become a dweeb from a little bit of education.

Over the break I have done the following (in no necessary order of importance):
-Wrote about 30-40 pages in the Xtreme Force sequel
-Subscribed to a new online game, FFXIV
-Proposed to the love of my life (romantic unit responded with "yes" statement) and have begun wedding planneries

Yes, and now here I am, drinking tea and waiting for my very first class this semester. How very exciting.

Stay tuned, beloved Reader!