Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Describing the Omniverse 1: Dragon-kin

Good day, Reader!

I'm going to write some entries explaining the world of the books. If you read a book from me that takes place in "The Omniverse" these little segments should prove fairly enlightening for you. Altogether, I'll expain the topic (usually a character, race, country, or concept) along with come commentary on why I thought it would be an enjoyable storywriting choice.

Now then, Dragon-kin...

Dragon-kin are a crossbreed of human and dragon. Now I know what you're thinking, but you're wrong. A dragon and a human didn't get groovy in bed, that's for erotica and dime novel fantasies- besides, the concept of that alone is entirely unscientific. It would never work.

They came about as a result of a complex magic ritual by the hands of some human princess with a really long name (I meantioned her name in the first book of The Death of The Black Knight series, Kingdom Slayer. Perhaps I'll publish it for you all one day, but much editing must be done.) and the dragon king, Mountain Slayer the Terrible (or something like that, he's also mentioned). They both lived in Dimension #13, which is where Dragon-kin created their primary kingdoms, the most notable of them called Wyngog. Anyway, they had this crazy magic uniony thing, because they did quite love each other and wanted a child, but it's a little hard to get weird with each other when one's person size, and the other's... building size. Right, so the ritual went down, and it made the first Dragon-kin- the child wasn't so impressive. The princess and the dragon king did this multiple times (at least twenty) and from it three main offshoots of dragon-kin were created:

Lesser Dragon-kin: roughly 70% human, 30% dragon, these folks are short in comparison to all other dragon sorts, some being as short as people, shocking! They're considered very charismatic and good with people, and retain the majority of a human's magic potential. In dragon society, they are considered runts, weak and without the strength to fend for themselves.

Higher Dragon-kin: roughly 50% human, 50% dragon, these bruisers are considered the "true" Dragon-kin in other societies, having been the main fighting force in Dimension #13's Extermination Wars, which resulted in the enslavement of the surviving Higher and Lower Dragon-kinfolk. They are considered less intelligent than their lesser counterparts, but are feared for being able to fight groups of humans at a time, their strength and speed making up for their lost magical potential

Royal Dragon-kin: roughly 30% human, 70% dragon, tall and alien looking, these were the nobles and royalty of dragon-kin society before their fall. The only of the three groups with fully-realized horns, they were the most respected and worshipped in Dragon-kin society. They were placed in every important office, and were seen to be the voice of the dragons. Often placed into scholarly pursuits, their lesser magical potentials were often highly realized, giving them higher magical power than even the Lesser Dragon-kin, who were seen to be a waste of education and effort.

End of part one <3