Saturday, April 26, 2014

First post, it's nice to see you all!

Well then,

Good morning,day,night, or should you be in outer-space, waking cycle.
My name is Kell Inkston, and I'm a writer of fiction. This blog will likely hold much of my writing, open for your enjoyment and commentary, and personal updates on my quest to become a published author. I have been writing for nearly five years now (Amazing how the time has gone by so quickly. It feels like only a few months ago, somehow.) and have finished quite a few novels that I am now attempting to have published.

What sort, you may ask? Fantasy sci-fi, my dear reader!

The first offering on the list is some reading in Kingdom Slayer, my first novel. General impressions and thoughts on grammar are quite welcome, as I've recently redone a good deal of this book and things may still be shabby. Also, it's on google docs, so the formatting will also be a bit weird.

Behold, read and tell me your thoughts!

That said, this blog is also just starting out, so I'd love some followers/people-of-incredible-kindness to share my blog to others. It would help a good deal with finding a publisher if they knew I have [X] amount of followers on my blog and thus a larger platform. I . . . I'll bribe you with writing!

All aside, dear reader, stay tuned, I may have only written five out of my planned twenty-plus books for this epic tale I'm weaving for you all, but stay with me, and I'll stay with you!

I wish you all the best of days until next we communicate.

Ever Platonic,
Kell Inkston