Monday, March 13, 2017

A Great and Mighty Announcement and Deal- Nocturna League #5 on MAR 30th!

Good day,
Now check this out!
Ebook_Cover_Kellinkston (2)
^The novel cover!^
Nocturna League's first ever novel The Black Eye is now on it's way to, coming March 30th!
It's Nocturna League's first-ever novel at over 80,000 words! How very super exciting!
Pre-order to get it for only $0.99 before March 30th. Past that release date it will fall to the sitting price of $3.99.
More expensive than my usual stuff, yes? Well, that's because of a lot of reasons, but we'll just say it's because I need money. *nervous  laughter as I shovel ramen into my mouth amidst junkyard dog attack* Like I said. I'll still have free goodies off and on, but now that I have as many "magnets" as I do, I think it's time to focus on making a living off of this.
I hope you can support this decision. *bow*
That said, do try to preorder and get it for 75% off. I'd be quite thrilled.
You can get your hands on your preorders by following the link below:
And no, sorry, no preview yet. Just wait until the 30th and you'll get the full package of goodness!
Hope to get back up with you soon,
Kell Inkston