Saturday, January 28, 2017

An Edit of Sacrifice - New Ending and More!

Hi there,
It's with mixed feelings that I unveil my plans for Sacrifice, released last year to good, though sparse reviews. After much musing on the story, I realized I wasn't happy with the end. I've revisited it again and again, but I could never quite get it. Either it would come off as depressing or too juvenile depending on what form of the ending I used, but I now realize I wasn't using every narrative card in my hand. Now I'm quite certain I have the winning formula.
Sacrifice - High Resolution
For the meantime I've pulled Sacrifice from all vendors. Sit tight while I prepare the new version; it should be out very soon.
And don't worry, I'll tuck the old version away in a very special place to keep it safe from the rain. If you really want to read it, just email me at
All the best,
Kell Inkston