Saturday, January 7, 2017

A cold and relaxed report to you

Good day,
I hope you've been well these past few days- often I wonder what people who read my work do day by day, where they go, where they're from, it's a weird connection I feel.
Stephan King talked about it in his memoir/how-to On Writing, mentioning that writing to someone, and knowing they've read it, is in effect telekinesis, that for a fleeting moment, our thoughts are the same as the step along the endless narrative of words in a work of literature. At least that's how I interpreted it- maybe Stephen would disagree.
Anyway, I'd like to update you with the usual mish mash, though I don't have all that much to offer you at the moment. (Not really true, I have mountains upon mountains of unfinished manuscripts- I could probably just copy and paste one block of a manuscript into another, change up the names, and do that to make a coherent work by this point.)
Notes on Progress:
-Nocturna League #5 Oh boy, this is coming along swimmingly, at roughly 43,000 words, I'm stretching into the parts of the book where the narrative falls together nicely- I have high hopes for this one quality-wise, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Regardless, expect more sample chapters soon.
-I made some small updates to the subscribers only fiction box. You can enjoy the benefits of my secret scribings now by signing up. If you're already signed up, nice job- you're cool.
-Walking the Scar has a new chapter coming out soon - look forward to that.
-Other projects are boiling under the floorboards secretly as well, so shh!

As always I wish you the best. If you're in the northern hemisphere, bundle up please, and those of you in the southern, just jump in the pool and cool off for me, won't you?
All the best,