Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Three Days of Kellgiving - A.K.A. The Holiday Stuff that I totally nailed in the naming department

Grand evenings and jolly days to you, reader!
As promised, I shall deliver something for the holidays. I've prepared a small set of shorts that tie into a narrative about Kingsday, the most prestigious and lauded holiday of The Western Kingdoms.
Th-that's all. There's no deep philosophical significance behind anything in here- please don't look for it, I'm afraid you'll just be disappointed.
Find the first of the three Kelliday gifts under your tree noon on the 23rd, then the next on the 24th, and the last on the 25th. I very sincerely hope you enjoy this small token of my gratitude to you as a writer.
Tune in tomorrow at noon, and celebrate Kingsday!
All the best,