Friday, December 30, 2016

The Four-Eyed 2016 Year-End Report

A Fine Fourth-Dimension Location to you, reader,
It's been a considerable year when it comes to notoriety, I've made good progress, but not as much as I'd like (as usual).
This year, your patronage has assisted me in:

Publishing three works:
-Nail (The Sequel to Paper)

As well as a bevy of minor and/or ongoing works including:
-Continuing Walking the Scar
-Setting up the super secret email subscriber fiction box which contains works like In the Arms of Morpheus and Daring Deep's Second Wave
-Halloween Knight
-Xtreme Force Book 1
-Nocturna League 5 (Which is going well, by the way. I'm expecting a Q2 2017 release)
-And plenty more hidden projects

Frankly, I understand that, with as busy as I've been, I cannot be too hard on myself for only doing this much work in a full year, but I do know I can pull more out of my hat.
As always, this is all thanks to readers like you. I'm constantly blown away by the goodness I'm shown by the lot of you, so thank you. I'm honored yet another year by your continued support and patronage.
Here's to a successful, productive, and salty new year.
With all the best,
Kell Inkston