Monday, February 22, 2016

Walking the Scar Ch.19 - Now available, New Nocturna League logo, and general updates.

Good day to you all!
Yes, it has been nearly twenty days since I've last posted. I have not forgotten about my promise to deliver fictional loveliness to you, so worry not of that. Fact is I've been very busy and there's been little to post about of late. Sit down, relax, and let's turn through the pages, shall we?

1:Walking the Scar, Chapter Nineteen

Just three weeks ago the last chapter was published, sorry but rules are rules with the StoryShift platform, so most chapters will take two weeks or more as it goes. I think you'll find the wait quite worth it, though, as our beloved soldiers have now broken into Yarseld and are committing all sorts of travesties! This is definitely one of the hardest decisions yet. Please click here to read the latest section and enjoy!

2:Nocturna League Logo

I'm not going to guff it up- I just thought it would be nice to have a popularizable logo for the series. Take a peek:
Not bad, hmm? I wanted to capture the mystery and adventure posed in the series, and I thought this little logo fits the bill well. Expect to see this in other places in the year to come.

3:General updates

As for things I'm working on that aren't quite ready to be released or already have been released...
-Nocturna League Episode 3: The Sunken Breath, should be free soon. A big sorry (but also a big thank you) to all the people who bought it without need. I did mention I was intending on making it free. Y-you can rest easy though! Nocturna League #4 and beyond will all be $0.99 for the 20k word episodes and $2.99 for the novel episodes! (Yes, I'm working on the first novel right now!) If you desire some recompense for being jimmied out of one dollar, please email me and I'll send you episode #4 for free instead. Sound fair? Just email me at and I'll set you right up- no joke, just ask and it's yours.
-Speaking of NL #4, it's been done a while and is now in editing. I'm making sure it shines much more than the previous episodes upon their release, because typos are just too embarrassing and you deserve better, don't you?  Anyway, expect more news soon. I am working on it.
-Relic is going as slow as usual, nothing new to report, but expect a new chapter within a week's time.
-As I hinted at, Nocturna League #5 is a thing and is a full-length novel, filled with all the spooky fun and chaos you love from the previous three (and soon to be four) you've had the opportunity to enjoy. It won't be out for a few months at least, though, so don't get too hyped up just yet.
Yup, all's going well.

As usual, thank you for your support and patronage,
All the best,
Kell Inkston